LIFT Distance Group Energy Healing Session

LIFT Distance Group Energy Healing Session

from 11.00 every month

Something special happens on the first of every month. We gather through the ethers for a distance energy session to anchor the month to joy.

This is a group distance energy healing session. Even though you will be part of the group, you’ll receive the flow of energy in your own space, on your own time, in your own way. 

My energy healing practice is a blend of reiki, sound healing, and shamanic practices. It is 100% LOVE AND LIGHT. 

I channel life force energy directly to your energy field. What does life force energy do for you? It makes you feel alive, for starters. It also makes you feel clear, connected, fluid (as in: not stuck), happy, peaceful, vibrant, healthy, <insert positive adjective here>.

How does this magically happen? That's a pretty big question, but I'll keep the answer short and sweet. I create a sacred circle with my (and your) spirit guides to hold us in a field of light. When I channel, the energy travels through our beautiful web of connection and streams into your energy field (otherwise known as YOU). When the energy reaches you it's able to go where it needs to go to replenish your mind, body and soul. 

I offer this as a  service to those who feel called to connect and welcome high vibes into their field as a means to heal what needs to be healed, clear what needs to be cleared, enjoy what needs to be enjoyed. If you think that's hard to believe, just open your heart and try it. 

There are three different session plans for you to experience:


When you choose this option you’ll be a part of the next monthly group session. You’ll receive the flow of energy, along with a brief recording of session details to help you make the most of the month ahead. The recording will be emailed to you within 24 hours after the session. Please use only this link to select this session: SINGLE LIFT SESSION


When you choose this option, you will be automatically signed up to receive group energy healing, along with the recording of session details every month until you cancel your subscription. Please choose the LOVE plan below if you would like this session.


When you choose this option you will be automatically signed up to receive group energy healing, along with the recording of session details in a private group space. Each week you’ll receive additional support and healing that is anchored to the healing session at the beginning of the month. This subscription option is designed to help you make the most of your healing intention each month. You will be able to dive deeper, ask questions and receive collective support within the space provided. Please note: you will be added to the private space on the first of the month.

Wondering which plan to choose? Choose the plan that feels good to you. You can unsubscribe from the subscription plans at any time.

If you’re wondering how this works and how to prepare for each session, please read the information below. If you have any questions, please get in touch.


session details

Here are a few important details regarding the way this works. I know it looks like a lot to read, but it's important. Please take the time...


Once you sign up or subscribe you will receive distance energy healing on the first of the month. The energy session will take place at 7AM EST. I will send it to you to be called through when you are ready. This means that you can prepare to receive it anytime within 24 hours from the time that I start sending it. If you would like to plan to receive it at the time listed above, while I am actively flowing, great. If something comes up and you’re busy at that time, NO WORRIES. You can plan to get quiet on your own and call it through when you’re free and relaxed.


When you’re ready, just silence all noisy things and get comfy. You can lie down or be seated. Relax. Set an intention to receive the energy that I am channelling for you. That’s it. You will, most likely, feel/sense something, but if you don’t that’s okay, too. It’s impossible for me to predict your experience, although I’m certain it will reach you whether or not you realize it. When you sense that it’s over, gently get up or start moving. You may want to wash your hands with cold water just to bring yourself back to the here and now. You may not.


Follow your instincts and hunger. Reach for healthy, whole foods and plenty of water. Try to refrain from alcohol for 24 hours (it depresses your energy and slows down the flow). You may feel a sudden urge to get things in order and clean up your space or you may need to nap. Do what you need to do. If you notice that really old memories are rising up, don’t get caught in them (at all) that’s just energy trying to release from you. Notice what’s there and bid it farewell. If something is rising up it means it’s also ready to be released so there’s no need to re-tangle yourself in energy that is no longer serving you.


I’ll be sending a quick voice memo through to you via email when I am finished. Please DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS RECORDING UNTIL AFTER YOU HAVE SET TIME ASIDE TO RECEIVE YOUR ENERGY FLOW. This recording will share feedback on what I experienced during the flow, if you listen to it before you have your own experience you will alter your experience. Because this is a group experience, the information that I share may not make sense to you, or maybe it will be ALL for you. It's hard to say. Lean into what feels resonate, lean back from what doesn't. Don't get tangled in anything.

See you in the ethers!