Clear: When You Want To Clear Your Energy

Clear: When You Want To Clear Your Energy

from 60.00

Muck. Gunk. Negative energy…it tends to stay around too long, sticking to your beautiful vibes until it eventually weighs your spirit down. Sometimes you may understand the root of this, sometimes, though, you may not. That’s where an energy clearing comes in. 

I act as a channel to clear the negative energy that’s leasing space within you. Often when I do this I am able to understand who/what the muck belongs to, along with intuitive guidance to help you start moving and grooving fooooooorward. It’s a bit of a mash up between energy clearing and soul whispering…my own special blend of woo.

The result is clear space for you to move freely along the path to your highest good. 

Take a peek below to see whether a complete clearing or quickie feels right for you. 

When you complete payment I will email you to let you know when your clearing will take place. This is not something you need to schedule. I email you the details of your session after it is completed.

Clear Me

What's the difference between a complete and a quickie?

I'm so glad you asked. 

Complete :: $150

This is the mother-load. Complete boosts clear negative energy from all the nooks and crannies (a lifetime's worth, really). Feedback and guidance is extensive.  

Quickie :: $60

This is exactly what it sounds like, a quick energy boost. It's great for moments when you feel as though you've been really zapped with negative energy or you're feeling stuck or just generally depleted. Negative energy is channeled away from you, making room for you to move through the day with a little more pep in your step. Feedback and guidance may be provided, but sometimes, it's not.