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My name is Tracey; call me Trace.

This space is for you to lean in, get comfortable, and relax into the curious creature that you were born to become.

It took me thirty-some odd years to remember that I was born to become. That’s when I remembered that I was a medium. It took me another ten years to figure out what to do with that information. Should I talk to dead people? Should I use it for healing? Should I bow down in thanks every time someone tries to convince me it’s gift? Should I run away and hide from those who react with horror or disgust?

No, no, no, and for the love of God, no.

I’m not a medium because I’m special or different. I’m a medium because I’m a living, breathing being. Although I know it’s nothing to fear, I also don’t believe it’s a gift. I do believe that when you figure out how mediumship benefits your life then you unwrap the gift of you. Life is tricky business, but learning how to tune into your own channel makes it much less so. When you learn how to hone and develop your intuition so that you can understand your life and your purpose things tend to start falling in place <—that’s the stuff that took me ten years to figure out.

I work with a team of Spirit guides who are as helpful as they are delightful. They’re whip-smart, loving, funny, somewhat sarcastic, and to-the-point. They’re also tireless, which is fortunate, because I can be a real handful of a human sometimes.

This space is a place where you’ll find two things: first, messages channeled from my guides about what it is to witness a Spirit being human, and second, my thoughts about what it feels like to be a human uncovering her Spirit.

We offer different paths to help you anchor, trust and align your body, mind and spirit. We believe the human condition is about rediscovering the essence of love. We hope that you will discover and develop your own channel because we know that it’s clear, compassionate and strong. We see you. You belong here.