Let's begin at the beginning...


This is a story about the beginning before Time. Feel free to refer to it as Yesterday.

It can be any Yesterday that you choose. It just needs to be the Yesterday before you realized that Time had a hand in your events. Try to do that without blaming Time, or holding Her responsible for things like a lack of beginnings, abrupt endings, and such.

Time is oblivious in all matters outside of moving forward. Her only obligation is to stay in synch with the Sun and the Moon. She often, too often, forgets the power that she unintentionally wields over things like beginnings and endings. That’s probably because it’s only projected power. To be clear: power projected by you.

What happens when you realize that Time doesn’t exist outside of yourself? Do you feel more responsible for Her or less? Does it make you want to cling to every second of every minute of every hour of every day? Or can you just let her go and become responsible for your own forward movement in the space between the Sun and the Moon?

Imagine how much can happen when you re-imagine this existence. This is the beginning of the story that’s been begging for your attention all along…

FAB 22Tracey Selingo