Love is oxygen


"So breathe, sweet heart, breathe. “

She heard this whispered again and again. But she was sure the words were not for her. She was sure, almost one hundred percent sure, they belonged to someone else. How could she possibly make the time to breathe. And what did that even mean? She was breathing. It was not something she needed to focus on and do.

She realized she wasn’t breathing, at least not in a way that allowed her to receive the love of the Universe; not in a way that she could surrender to the flow of divinity within her; not in a way that she could release the pressure and enjoy the incredible light-lifting awareness that could fuel her.

This was the gift of breath.

So she stopped and she breathed. It was as if she just re-lived her first exchange of air for water. In this moment she knew: conscious awareness of breath is the surest way toward understanding the blessing of this life here on earth.

Breathe. And breathe again.

FAB 22Tracey Selingo