Aim for joy


The other day, I opened my very old, first-issue iPad that’s been plugged in and turned on, sitting on the floor, silently charging for the past four years. When I opened it, for whatever reason, one of my pre-dawn (literally and metaphorically) channeling sessions was on the screen just waiting to be read.

Aim for joy.

Take a breath.

And the very last line, not pictured, read welcome back.

I laughed a good and hearty laugh that was almost, slightly crazed, too.

Lots of stuff came apart last year, the biggest thing being my focus. I spent a lot of time blocking my schedule and simply being quiet. Every time I tried to push through that I became sick. The universe has a way of keeping you quiet when you need to be quiet. Most of this felt extremely uncomfortable, because if we aren’t part of the busy crowd then where do we belong?

We belong in a space of joy, doing what we love to do, serving in a way that deeply serves the soul, first and foremost. I believe this is “the work.” I believe this lights the way to show up aligned and happy. And I believe when you do that everyone benefits.

At least, I’m willing to take the time to see if that’s true. Because: joy.

JoyTracey Selingo