Warrior your way back home

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Welcome to the fork in the road.

This is the month when you and Ego get to take a good, hard look at one another. You’re invited to decide whether or not you’re willing to merge what works and discard what does not work. Protection from the human elements? Yes. Fear of living up to your highest potential, and what that might really mean for you? No.

Living a fearless life means living from the center of trust. It means full and complete surrender to your higher self—the one who knows that you are always connected to Divine Light and Wisdom. That is your role and your place within The Mystery.

Ego says you can not be part of The Mystery. Ego thinks The Mystery is beyond you. Your Higher Self recognizes the place within The Mystery. Your Higher Self is The Mystery.

There is, there was, there always will be a place for you within The Mystery.

The shared experiences, the genetic coding, the cellular and, indeed, atomic, recognition that All Is One and One Is All. This includes you.

And it’s in this space of deep knowing that you can see and accept the inner working of Ego and, at the same time, release the grip of Ego (because gripping is within your range of willpower and control).

This release is long overdue, sweet heart.

The release affords you the ability to shift focus to your Divinity. You have nothing to prove and no boxes to check. You only need to come home and sit down within this wealth of Love and adoration. You need to connect, deeply connect, with the essence of who you are inside.

You are Love. You are abundance. You are the most valuable star in the Universe, not because others have told you so, but because you can finally see and know and feel this from within the depth of your own skin and bones.

Come back to this place, your place, within this Universe and recalibrate your focus and attention to the Divine light within. Resist any action that dims your light. Stand within, move within, think within your Divine light, and KNOW that through your Love, your actions, your devotion to creating a better world for you, you will, inevitably, create a better world at large.

Service starts with service to your self.

Now is the time to warrior your way back home.

FAB 22Tracey Selingo